Students Need a Voice!
Student Journalism Provides That.

Our mission is to bring student newspapers to every high school in New York City through training, advising, and supporting students, teachers and administrators, helping students find their voice and spread truth through journalism.

New York City is the media capital of the world, yet barely 1 out of 10 NYC public schools has a student newspaper. Students Disrupting understands that the reasons behind this inequity are as diverse as the students they serve, and we also know it’s a readily solvable problem.

We want to support students, teachers, and administrators, helping
them find their voice, deepen their thought, and seek out the
truth through the following areas:


Through ready-to-use (remote-friendly) classroom curriculum, tools, and online resources, as well as in-class (and virtual) lectures, training and workshops.


By providing students, teachers, and administrators with a network of professional and peer mentors, resource libraries, scholarships, and ambassador programs.

Are you a teacher, administrator, or student in need of support moving your student newspaper online?

Are you a current or former journalist looking to give back?


By calling attention to the absence of active, responsible student journalism among New York City schools and making it part of the conversation among school and community leaders, educators, parents, and students.

Does your school have a student newspaper? If so, congratulations, you’re among the lucky few! If not, congratulations…this is your chance to make a huge difference in your school! Download this email template to send to your principal today.


Through lobbying for policy and curriculum changes that promote student voice and journalism.

The paradox of education is precisely this—that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.


Are you a student interested in starting a newspaper at your school?

Are you a teacher or administrator interested in starting a newspaper at your school?

Are you a parent or caregiver interested in starting a newspaper at your child’s school?

Thus, the way out is…the critical effort through which men and women take themselves in hand and become agents of curiosity, become investigators, become subjects in an ongoing process of quest for the revelation of the “why” of things and facts.

Paulo Freire

Now more than ever, Students need a voice!