Fashion trends change constantly, and it can be hard to follow new and upcoming styles as a result. In a world where the options seem practically limitless, it can be hard to find something that will make you look fashionably chic.

Sexy brunette girl sitting on the bed.

It’s especially unfair when you see how some women can effortlessly look so great. Ranging from famous actresses, to partygoers, to Cleveland escorts, some women can dress and definitely impress. So what secrets do they know? The truth is, there are only a few secrets involved in looking good. Here’s how you can look chic and in vogue with relative ease.

Keep Things Fairly Simple

Being chic isn’t the same as being flashy. Too many colors make you look gaudy; it’s extremely messy looking and it just hurts the eyes. You can mix and match textures, patterns, or prints as you please – but try to keep your outfit to at most 2-4 colors. Not only will it make your aesthetic seem natural, but will also make choosing which piece of clothing meshes well with another a breeze.

Keep in mind colors that complement and contrast with one another and plan your outfits based on that. White for instance is a good mix with any color. Also, any clothing with busy prints counts as one color, but try to keep the other parts of your outfit simple so it doesn’t become too distracting. 

Don’t Rely Too Much on Trends

Trendy clothes are not the end all be all of fashion – they just dictate what’s popular now. And what’s popular now might not be sticking around forever. If you keep chasing after the latest fashion trends, you’ll only end up stockpiling a pile of mismatching clothes that are “so out of season” in the future. Not to mention that everyone will be wearing the same piece of clothing anyway, so you’ll hardly stand out. Resist the urge to buy the latest trends if you can. Give it until the early hype has died down, and then assess whether it’s worth the purchase.

Old but Gold

The hype of buying something new and popular is a familiar high shared by everyone, and it’s totally understandable if you end up impulse buying an article of clothing or two. But a better use of your money would be to instead invest on buying something older yet timeless. Learn how to sift through clothes racks at various thrift stores. Not only is it going to be much cheaper, but you may even find a hidden gem, waiting to be worn. The most you might need to do is tweak with the clothing a bit at first.

In Conclusion

Looking chic doesn’t have to be an eternal struggle. Anyone – from escorts to nurses, and so much more – can pull off a fashionable look, one just has to be aware that fashion is an ever-changing statement. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves through the fabric they wear. So rather than waiting for the next new fashion trend to decide your outfit, build an aesthetic you can confidently call your own, and own it.