Start Disrupting!

Looking to start a student-run newspaper in your school now but not sure how to start? We have you covered.

Please email our Executive Director Dennis Mihalsky at

if you need more information or support.

Are you a teacher?

Let us know you're interested in working with us, and being part of our program!


Don't want to wait for a pilot program to start bringing journalism into your classroom? By all means, do it! There are a bunch of resources to help you get started and get started the right way. Here are a few:

Are you a student?

Be your student body advocate, and tell your teachers and administration that your school needs a newspaper and why you feel it's so important! And tell them about our organization and how we're here to help them. 

A few helpful talking points to get their full attention and (hopefully) their support. 

Student journalism helps students:

•  Write clearly and concisely;

•  Analyze issues critically and objectively;

•  Manage multiple projects concurrently;

•  Meet deadlines while producing carefully researched, high-quality work; and

•  Work as part of a team — and overcome differences in opinion — to get the job done.

Are you a parent?

Bring the subject of student journalism and media up at your next PTA meeting, talk to the principal and your child's teachers. 

You have rights, including the right to "be actively involved and engaged in the education of [your] child" as stated in the NYCDOE's Parents Bill of Rights. Direct link here.

If you need support or help getting student journalism in your child's school, reach out to us! We have your back. 

Are you an administrator?

Let us know you're interested in working with us! Have a teacher in mind to be the student newspaper adviser? Talk to them about the benefits of getting started. 


There are so many resources, including lessons and curriculum backed by research and data, that will ensure the teacher and student's success. Here are a few:


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